Employee Spotlight: Charles “Gary” Reynolds

We caught up with Gary to ask a few questions about his time at Best Cleaners. Here’s what he had to say:

Do you have a Nickname? Bluefish

What is your position? Maintenence Director

How long have you been at Best? 47 Years. In that time I have served as CSR and a Manager at Berlin, Bristol, Canton, Glastonbury, Plainville, Rocky Hill and Newfield Street.

What did you do before joining the Best team? I worked at fast food restaurants, a steak house and Sears Auto Center.

Do you have a favorte customer or co-worker story? There are so many Best people and customers that have meant alot to me that I can’t single one out. When I am in Bristol it seems I have some great customers still coming in after all these years.

What are your special talents, hobbies or interests? I love BBQ and classic cars. I also love working around the house, especially on my yard and pool and relaxing on my deck after work.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself? I started my ouwn BBQ business called Uncle Gary’s BBQ. We do ribs, brisket and pig roasts for special occasions. We also do fried Turkey’s for Thanksgiving!


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