The Best Care For Your Wedding Gown

A wedding gown is much more than a keepsake. To the many brides we’ve known over the years, it is a treasure and a future heirloom that deserves meticulous care. To ensure that your most special gown remains as beautiful as the day you wore it, follow Best Cleaners’ recommended cleaning and preservation techniques.

Get Me To The Dry Cleaner On Time. The first and most important step in the proper care of a bridal or special occasion gown is to bring it to a trusted dry cleaner as soon as possible. There is no substitute for an expert with years of experience working with specialty fabrics and trims. What may be best for removing a wine stain from one type of material, may be disastrous for another. It is critical to have a knowledgeable professional capable of tackling all potential issues, including invisible stains from spilled champagne, perspiration, hair spray and perfume. Time is also of the essence – you want to start the cleaning process before any stains have a chance to set in or attract hungry insects. You also want to remember to bring the veil, slip, and any other item at the same time so they can be cleaned, preserved, and secured in one box.

Gentle Clean Is The Best Clean. After 60+ years of cleaning bridal gowns, we have found the GreenEarth cleaning method to be the gentlest, safest drycleaning process for your most precious dress – whether it’s a classic silk sheath or a heavily beaded ballgown. Unlike the harsh petroleum-based solvents used by many dry cleaners, GreenEarth is made from silicone (liquid sand), an odorless, non-toxic ingredient found in many household shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. It delicately cleans all types of fabrics and trims without fading or shrinking. Even gowns that carry “do not dry clean” labels can be treated safely with GreenEarth.

Museum-Quality Preservation. Attention to detail should go well beyond the cleaning process, with the use of high-quality preservation material and optimum storage methods as key factors. We suggest that you inspect the gown to be assured it was properly cleaned and cared for before we wrap it in acid-free tissue and place it in an acid-free storage box just like the ones used by the Smithsonian. To prevent moisture build up, we do not seal the box, and recommend that it be stored in a dry area of your home where the temperature does not get too hot or too cold. Under a bed or in a closet are usually good spots while attics and basements should be avoided. It is okay to open the box to view your gown – it is a myth that you can’t. Before you do so, however, you need to wash your hands so they are free of any lotions or perfumes which can deposit oil and alcohol on the fabric (and cause damage). For extra protection, you also need to use the cotton gloves that come with the storage box. If you follow these vital steps, you and your gown are guaranteed to be happy ever after.


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