We caught up with Shawn McCann to ask a few questions about his time at Best Cleaners. Here’s what he had to say:

What is your position at Best Cleaners? I am the president.

What location do you work at? All Best locations, but my office is at our South Main Street location in Middletown.

How long have you been working at Best? It’s been 20 years.

Where did you work before joining the Best team? I was a regional sales representative for a generator company that was based in Wisconsin.

What do you like best about Best? I am always impressed with how hard working and dedicated our employees are here at Best. The care and professionalism that we treat our customers and their garments with is extraordinary. I also see people having fun and enjoying what they do. We also have a lot of employees that started working the front counter and are now assistant managers, district managers, maintenance directors and vice president. That’s cool.

What are your special talents, hobbies or interests? I have zero special talents – I can’t juggle, I can barely whistle, I don’t play an instrument. My wife, son, and I are avid skiers. We love winter and spending time in Vermont. I do a lot of cycling and compete in a few races each year. I have always enjoyed music…and I know I am late to the game, but I am really enjoying Spotify…oh yeah and coffee.


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